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With MAHZOOZ Pastt Results page, You can see the latest Mahzooz Lottery (formerly known as Emirates Loto) result directly below for both the Friday and Saturday draws. Scroll further down the page to see the results from other recent draws.

Mahzooz is a lottery game you can play in UAE every Saturday at 9 pm. A ticket for the event costs AED 35 only, and all proceeds will benefit charity. We all dream of winning a lottery game that will change our lives in a blink of an eye, since being human, we like to become successful quickly. We will teach you how to qualify for and play the Mahzooz lottery game.

December 2021
Mahzooz Draws & Raffle, Mahzooz Results & Winning Numbers
November 2021
Mahzooz Draws & Raffle, Mahzooz Results & Winning Numbers
October 2021
Mahzooz Draws & Raffle, Mahzooz Results & Winning Numbers
September 2021
Mahzooz Draws & Raffle, Mahzooz Results & Winning Numbers
August 2021
Mahzooz Draws & Raffle, Mahzooz Results & Winning Numbers
July 2021
Mahzooz Draws & Raffle, Mahzooz Results & Winning Numbers
June 2021
Mahzooz Draws & Raffle, Mahzooz Results & Winning Numbers
May 2021
Mahzooz Draws & Raffle, Mahzooz Results & Winning Numbers
April 2021
Mahzooz Draws & Raffle, Mahzooz Results & Winning Numbers
March 2021
Mahzooz Draws & Raffle, Mahzooz Results & Winning Numbers
February 2021
Mahzooz Draws & Raffle, Mahzooz Results & Winning Numbers
January 2021
Mahzooz Draws & Raffle, Mahzooz Results & Winning Numbers


Mahzooz Fantastic Friday draws take place every Friday at 20:00 (UAE Gulf Time). Above are the most recent draw results for Mahzooz Fantastic Friday

EMIRATES lotto RESULTS DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this site (Loto UAE) is for information and entertainment purposes only. Every care has been taken in its preparation and we do not make any warranties or representations as to its completeness, accuracy or reliability.
If there is any conflict between the information on this site ( and the information of the Official Game Operator in Dubai, UAE, the Official Emirates Game Operator data will take priority.

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THE Emirates Lotto

The Mahzooz Emirates Lotto in Dubai, UAE is Emirates lotto is a venture that is seeking to bring excitement, happiness and opportunity to every person and organisation that it comes in contact with. Hence, our moto: “Changing Lives”

EWINGS is the appointed Managing Company for Emirates Lotto. EWINGS uses best in-class systems, works with providers to customise solutions and provides all requisite services to Emirates Lotto, from setting up and managing a live-televised weekly Draw, through managing distribution networks and Point of Sale Material for over 15,000 outlets.

Mahzooz Emirates lotto is located in Dubai, UAE.

How to play Emirates Lotto?

  • Steps to play Mahzooz Emirates lotto below:
  • 1. To enter the weekly lotto draw, simply buy one or more Emirates lotto Collectables for AED 35.
  • 2. The collectables lotto tickets can be purchased from over 10,000 stores across the UAE or through Emirates Lotto's website or mobile app.
  • 3. Log on to, or download the Emirates lotto mobile app and create your account.
  • 4. If you got your card from a store, scratch off the panel on the back and register the unique 16-digit code.
  • 5. Or simply scan your 16-digit code through the app for an instant and easy registration.
  • 6. If you purchased the collectable online, you can directly play the Loto, or lotto.
  • 7. Each unique code will, should you choose, give you one complimentary entry to the draw. You will be asked to select six numbers (from 1 to 49), to submit your entry.
  • 8. Online purchased Collectables can be delivered to you later or simply be donated to Charity.
  • 9. The lucky winners will receive a message from Emirates Lotto.
  • 10. To check the draw results, visit the website or the mobile app.
  • 11. If you match 3 or more of the 6 lotto drawn numbers, view our How to Claim section to know more.

Mahzooz Emirates lotto faq

Changing the world, one life at a time
Emirates lotto is founded on the spirit of winning, because you know that there is no limit to what you can achieve if you seize every opportunity that comes your way. Emirates lotto makes things happen.

Emirates lotto plays an active role in encouraging people to achieve their dreams through projects, including funding scholarships, disability and various cancer societies. And, through an unwavering, long-term commitment to the countries it operates in, Emirates lotto enables its principals to develop diverse social responsibility programmes that play an integral role towards the societal development of communities.


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    What is Mahzooz?
  • Mahzooz is a socially responsible and environmentally active company based in the United Arab Emirates. They promote exciting events, draws, and products in charitable projects.
  • Every Mahzooz draw ticket purchase has an impact on community lives and the UAE region because they are contributing to a healthier society and creating a great future for better living and working in the UAE.

Mahzooz Grand and Raffle Draw Results

Mahzooz surprised us with their new and amazing draw system for Saturday. Winning chances and prizes are insanely increased.

You can find the latest Mahzooz Saturday Draw Results on our website. Please visit our Mahzooz Results pages to get today’s winning numbers for both the Grand Draw and Raffle Draw now!

Is Mahzooz Halal or Haram?

According to the United Arab Emirates, Mahzooz Draw (Emirates Loto) complies with sharia law and has been approved by a fatwa.

How to withdraw from Mahzooz??

Withdrawing from Mahzooz is easy and quick. You just need to log in to your account, visit the balance pages and enter the amount that you want to withdraw.

Emirates lotto faq

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Terms and conditions:

This website is not an official website and is not associated with the government-run organization ( or any Mahzooz company that manages any product for which their services are employed.

The information available on the website is solely for the use of lotto players and prospective players in the United Arab Emirates. These are information pages only and are not intended to encourage participation in lotteries.

Do check your results from any authorized Mahzooz dealer near you to confirm your winnings.

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